@12th December 2010

Heysss peeps! 🙂

Well it’s 12/12/2010. Days passed with a freaking fast speed. :/

Tomorrow onwards I will be starting my internship, which last for 8 weeks :O Feeling a bit nervous. >_< I just hoping for the best 🙂

Gonna update my moments. Guessed I have not update anything for a week long :p

@ 3rd Dec 2010

Joined mum and her friends to hiking early in the morning *yawns* :p my youngest sis followed along, xD


The destination 🙂

A board in front of the suspension bridge

People crossing suspension bridge

A great day!:) Even though it’s quite tiring while going down hill because the soil was WET due to the rain on the day before.

@ 5th Dec 2010

It’s the BIG day of a SAR POR – [ Nicole Chong ]. LOL 😀

Happy belated birthday! :p


The birthday girl, LMAO!

Have actually planned to ask MORE friends out but MANY of them were busy so they could not make it.:(

4 people in total: The birthday girl,  Chin yee, my sister and me.

We – Sing K. Dinner. Walked around.

A view in the Karaoke room 🙂

Karaoke-ing. 😀

I have not got her a pressie haha so I just pay for two books she wished to buy that day, and made it a present for her:D

Nice day! 🙂

I bought a Domo-kun plushie too!:D My first Domo!:)))) Yeahoo. *I‘m madly in love with any plushie* xD


Domo chan ❤

@ 10th Dec 2010

This day was a bad day. I was losing my appetite for a whole day. It’s about my internship. Initially I could not actually get my offer letter from university due to some inappropriate matters occurrence. Thanks so much that I’m blessed, I finally got it, *thank you so much to You* smoothly got an internship at a nearer area rather than Port Klang *Wtf* and actually do not feel like repeating that bfeeling anymore by reminiscing it, since it’s already OVER.:p

🙂 😀

@ 11th Dec 2010

Going out with Nic and Chin Yee and also her sister @ Pavilion. Nice day with ’em. Before this, I was walking around with my mum and sisters. xD 🙂

Deco @ Pavilion

Deco @ Pavilion

Balloons! Cute!:) Plan to buy one but the deer balloon costs rm50! =_=

We watched Narnia, we shopped around, and had a Japanese dinner again LOL. Our table was actually looking so packed *HAHAHA* as if only 4 girls but can EAT a lot! LOL should have taken some pictures of the food. Forgotten :p

Few snapshots before I went home with mum and sisters. 🙂

Deco & outside view @ Pavilion (Night)

Deco outside @ Pavilion (Night)

Me besides deco @ Pavilion (Night)

Deco outside @ Pavilion (Night)

Deco outside @ Pavilion (Night)

Met ’em whilst waiting for dad HAHA *Initially I left first*

4 girls @ Pavilion

Here comes an end for my updates!:) Internship is starting tomorrow, guessed I will not be so relaxing anymore and will just sleep like a pig once I ends my working day LOL. Just wish me all the best 🙂






Olivia 🙂


@2nd December 2010

A very good night people. 🙂

Feeling pretty tired~:/ So…Short update tonight 🙂

@ 2nd December 2010

Result’s up tonight! :O According to Australia time.

All’s goodie good. Hallelujah! m(T^T)m Except ONE is truly dangerous, =_=” I do not ever want that kind of mark ever again, too frightening, it’s giving me a heart attack. Gotta work harder next year!!!

Joining mum for hiking tomorrow morning, haha, I gained 1kg since I don’t know when, and now I’m forcing myself to move my muscles, lol! Hope I can wake up tomorrow 😛 hehs xD

Good night peeps, 😀 Me hasn’t bath yet after coming back from night market 😀

Had my favorite ice cream tonight there, loves the ice cream super lots! lucky!:D

Signing off,

Olivia =)

@30th November 2010

Heys people! 🙂

Here I am again to update my days 😀

@29th November 2010

:p LOL recently I was awake by different kinds of reasons : /

I was sleeping quite “early” so I was still sleeping at 2pm. : /

My sister actually ran in to my room and told me that there’s a phone call for me! Well what? Try to clear my throat before answering the phone, since I used to have a just-awake-tone if I speak once I wake up from a sleep.

Dr. Siow called up and told me that she will be sending in my resume to a company in P. Klang. What? I was still consider as half awake, gosh. P. K. will be a pretty far destination for me, 😦 sigh. But she gave me 2 options, well P. Klang or Johor. Johor? Oh no no no no. P. Klang will be my current 1st option of course, =,=

Well. :/

@30th November 2010

Harry Potter latest movie-ed today! With mum and sister. To be honest, I was not so familiar with what’s going on in previous Harry Potter series. I forgot. :p I pretty prefer the opening where some of everyone turn into Harry Potter to safely transport Harry from his house. LOL. 😀 But yet, I could said that it is pretty fair only as in overall. Perhaps the climax isn’t reach in Part 1. Definitely going for Part 2:)

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

That’s all for today’s update!! Good day! 🙂



Still losing her track,

Olivia :l

@27th November 2010

It’s 442am. and. I can’t sleep :p I don’t know why.

@27th November 2010

Got an unexpected surprise this noon and I’m not prepared for it. :p

Just woke up from my piggy sleep and had no breakfast yet and frankly, I’m more to got stunned, yikes, lol.

Supergirl flew back!!! I never ever expected that, bad supergirl. :/ Hhumps.

Goldfish came along too. 🙂 Poor girl, she’s not feeling well today and was invited by supergirl to come along to my home.

It’s been a long time all of us actually gathered. Fine, I admitted that I got stunned, and I don’t really know what else to say to them. Imma poor communicator, :/ Trying hard to improve.

Dinner-ed at S.Pyramid’s Fullhouse. 🙂 Waiting for the next gathering. 🙂

But, is it somehow destined? As if this surprise is a message from God. I was feeling so down, so down last night.

For something that I used to treasure but it is missing for sucha long time,


For knowing something that I used to feel that it was simple, yet now it got a bit complicated. And I was not prepared for it too. I could not understand why this must happen, and I got kinda upset and angry. This happening is a mirror which reflect some parts of me.

I was checking on my email, 0 unread messages. Sigh. I am expecting an important email but everyday I got lesser and lesser hope. Guessed it’s a stone in my heart, since I dreamed about it last night that the email notifies me that I could not get a position for my internship. 😦 I can still feel that I’m actually grabbing my fist tightly, and all kinds of feelings just mix up together.

513am by now. Kinda sleepy, but I’m not willing to sleep right now. However, my laptop’s at open area, and I bet my dad and mum did not shut their room’s door since it’s windy tonight, so just kinda afraid that they heard me 😀

516am *I love this number, 😀*. I think it’s nice to read some chapters of Detective Conan manga before I sleep.





Signing off,:p


@20th November 2010 :)

Morning peeps! It’s almost 3am xD

A late night person like me stays up again.:D

In fact, I am planning to sleep. However I would like to update my stuffs, treating my blog as a diary, but an opened one.

@20th November 2010

Kai Jia’s happy birthday! Officially 20 now prettie 🙂

Da sunny prettie ❤

Went to MidV earlier to shop around for pressie for this prettie.

Shopped around with my sister and we really couldn’t find something which is nice enough, oh my gosh.

I am not a shopaholic I admit. and I am not good in choosing pressie as well because my other friends are the one who always did the job.

😛 Indeed a bad thing huh? Depending on people too much and in the end, you do not really know well on that particular stuffs when there’s no more people to help you.

Okay, at last we stopped at one place. In fact I love that shop too. 😀 Got prettie a cute teddy which is holding a Happy Birthday Cake on it, so soft so sweet. 😀

Teddy *HAPPY BIRTHDAY* <3<3<3

Prettie KJ and other 2 beauties SY and LL were late for hours. Gosh I expected that they will be late but not so late =o=” *what’s the point of telling people a time to meet up but you can’t make it on time?*

Lunched, shopped as usual girls did the whole afternoon. 🙂

Not feeling well for staying and walking too long in shopping complex. Too many people in the mall are making me faint and the air in there is definitely making me sick and suffocated. I need to be more well prepared and planned next time so I can have enough energy to shop next time. Shopping and bought nothing make me feel even worse! Fine, this is my bad habit.:P That’s why I got myself a teddy bear from Watson once I saw it, and it’s at the moment before I went home. I can’t believe that I did so LOL! My first time. Forgive me:P

Rilakkuma from Watson 😀

And, 3 pretties stayed for Harry Potter movie and sister and I went back home earlier.

Well, nice treat from dad tonight. 😀 dinner in Nihon kai! Japanese food are fantastic :)))

a Nice day a Great feeling 🙂

Signing off and good night,

Olivia =)

Hi everybody! =D

Good day peeps!

My very first post in WordPress. 

Was linked to here by MSN space.

More to explore around here…

Just hope that somebody actually can guide me. lols.

My first question: How to change my avatar, I wonder? 😀 I dislike the current auto-provided one. It looks simply simple 😦 Not unique. and also fugly :p

And there’s a good news to announce, my final is officially over since 15th of Nov. I can declare that I’m having holidays yeahs.  i can finally turn my days upside down! rawrs! XD 

However a bad news is that I will have to complete my internship during this holiday yikes. and the worse news is I have not successfully obtain a position 😦 Rawrs! My lecturer actually called up and asked me to send her my previous results so she could actually helped me to apply for that company. What company? I was thinking. For now I just hope that she will gimme a reply soon, ether positive or negative one.

Let’s have some flashbacks @ 17th November:

Had a pretty fun day with friends yesterday with university mates 😀 We are all enclosed within Neway karaoke room no.25 for 6 hours long. lols. In fact we were also celebrating leng mui Kai Jia’s early birthday 😀 😀 😀 Hahas. I cannot forget the moments and her expression when she actually saw Lam Fung’s mask that I made was wearing on Siew Yin’s face and bringing in the Marble Cheese birthday cake xD and also, oh yeah the kissing parts ahahahaha xD and also the fun and random moments in the karaoke rooms.


Happy early 20th birthday  eu Kai Jia!!! 


Ok lemme end this post here 

Tomorrow another outing and celebrations with the same leng mui pretty birthday girl on her actual birth date 

I wonder if photos from others can be uploaded as soon as possible? I would like to see man x)


Day grows by day. I will grow and change.


Having a pretty quiet and boring afternoon,

Olivia *(:* in slacking mood & mode 

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